Work Experience House Project

Want to gain skills?

Want to know what it’s like to work for a construction company?

Want to put your construction skills into practice in a real life setting, working with employers and on domestic properties?

Chameleon School of Construction understand the importance of gaining a qualification but it’s vital to match qualification with experience.

For all our 16-18 year olds we take the hassle of finding a placement for you, making sure that throughout your time here at Chameleon School of Construction you can access as much work experience as possible to gain the skills needed to get a job.

Chameleon Community Services has been up and running for the last 4 years and not only has it helped our learners gain the employment skills for life after Chameleon, it has helped the community with simple tasks such as painting and decorating to big tasks such as property revamp and building structures.

We know that this isn’t what other centres can provide and we are proud of this. We aren’t just a training centre to get a qualification we will help you achieve more than that!