Free Health and safety and combined CSCS Training Courses



How To Apply For The CSCS Green Card Online

Would you be interested in obtaining your 5 year CSCS card at absolutely no cost to you?

We are delighted to offer a fully funded Level 1 Qualification in Health and Safety in Construction, inclusive of the CSCS test and the resulting CSCS card, alongside comprehensive training in plastering, bricklaying, or tiling.

Our collaboration with employers, local job centers, and our valued clients has enabled us to develop highly beneficial courses. These courses not only equip you with a CSCS card but also furnish you with practical skills essential for enhancing your appeal to both national and local employers.

As an approved training organization (ATO) for CITB, we stand out from the crowd. We take pride in our commitment to staying current with industry standards, ensuring that we deliver the most up-to-date services in construction to our clients.

This exclusive course offering entails 8 weeks of intensive training in health and safety, CSCS certification, and proficiency in either bricklaying, plastering, or tiling.

In summary, this course encompasses practical training in your preferred construction skill, the health and safety examination, and the CSCS test and card, all provided completely free of charge!

These invaluable CSCS training courses are available year-round for your convenience.

To express your interest or for further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly administrative team at 01283 213427 (Swadlincote).