School Leavers

Never to early to apply for your place at Chameleon.

You only need to look around your surroundings to see that construction is on the up and they are building everywhere.  Construction is one of the biggest sectors in the UK, employing approximately two million people.

There will always be in demand to repair and improve our homes and businesses. There is a shortage of good tradespeople and we need to change this. It’s a great time to consider a career in construction.

Statistics also suggest that more than 30 per cent of the current workforce will retire in the next two decades – opening up exciting job and promotion prospects for those starting out now.  Construction is not just a job for the boys either – almost 200,000 women work in construction.

We will be at Career Fairs and local Job and Training Events so if you want to speak to us about construction and a place with Chameleon, look out for us!!

Keep an eye out for our Open Days  for all our centres and come along!
Any questions call Head Office on 01283 213427