Chameleon join forces to help ex-service personnel

At Chameleon School of Construction we are passionate about helping people from all different backgrounds to take their first steps towards a new career.

We recently partnered with an organisation called Subby Jobs in an effort to help one such group of people.  The Subby Veterans Initiative was set up in order to help military veterans retrain for life outside the Armed Forces, and we are proud to be able to help with offering training courses to former service personnel.

Last month we were delighted to welcome Ben Chapman onto the Motor Vehicle course at our Swadlincote Centre.  Ben has recently received a medical discharge from the British Army after 13 years’ service, and is relishing the opportunity to gain new qualifications that could help him in the future.

James Gilbert, founder and CEO of Subby Jobs, said, “Working with the team at Chameleon School of Construction has been fantastic, they share the same enthusiasm for helping the veterans, they have helped with the signing up process to make it easy for the veterans to get involved.  We have successfully started one veteran on a fully-funded course, many to more to follow!”