Can’t find an apprenticeship? Don’t let that hold you back.

At Chameleon School of Construction, we focus mainly on delivering full-time diploma courses rather than apprenticeship training, but why is that?
To answer that, you need to understand what is meant by the word apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is a form of learning that is available to anyone aged over 16 who is no longer in full time education. In order to complete an apprenticeship, you would work for an employer while studying for a formal qualification in the trade at the same time, either by attending a college or training centre for one day a week or by on-the-job assessments for an NVQ. Of course, as you are employed as an apprentice you will be paid a wage by your employer, however the National Minimum Wage for apprentices is set at a lower rate than other workers. The current minimum wage for apprentices who are aged under-19, or apprenticeships of any age who are in the first year of an apprenticeship, is £4.15 per hour. Apprenticeships can vary in length, but will usually be for a minimum of one year.
But it can often be hard to find an employer who is willing to take on an apprentice, especially in the construction industry where there are a lot of small or self-employed traders. Taking on an apprentice is a big commitment for the employer as well as the employee, and many small building contractors will naturally be cautious. So, if you can’t find an employer to take you on as an apprentice your hopes of a career in construction are dashed, right? Wrong! This is where Chameleon School of Construction can help. You can enrol on one of our diploma courses, and what’s more these courses are fully funded for 16-18 year-olds, and for adults subject to eligibility. You would attend one of our network of centres for two days per week for a full academic year to complete each level. Most of your learning will take place in a simulated workshop environment, but we also arrange work experience placements with local employers so you can showcase your new skills. Learning is delivered by fully qualified tutors and staff, who are on hand throughout to help. Unlike an apprenticeship, where your qualification depends on you to being employed in the trade, this is not a requirement for you to join us on a diploma course. This gives you a lot of flexibility to find work alongside your studies – whether this be within the trade or not – and as you develop new skills it will help you to become more attractive to potential employers. There are no entry requirements for enrolment at Chameleon, we welcome learners of all abilities and we have new learners starting all-year-round.
So don’t be downhearted if you haven’t been able to find an apprenticeship, Chameleon School of Construction offers you another route into a rewarding career in the industry. Bricklaying Courses - Chameleon School of Construction