Apprenticeship Framework

Chameleon School of Construction Ltd are recruiting for:

  • Plastering Apprenticeship Framework
  • Building Maintenance Apprenticeship Framework
  • Brick Apprenticeship Framework
Funding is available for 16-18yrs Apprentices and co-funding is available to 19+ Apprentices

As an Apprentice at Chameleon School of Construction Ltd you will:

  • Become more employable
  • Learn a Skilled Trade and become a Skilled Craftsperson
  • Work Full Time and Earn a Wage
  • Gain a Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma and NVQ

As an Employer employing an Apprentice with Chameleon School of Construction you will:

  • Gain a fully qualified tradesperson at the end of a 2 year Apprenticeship
  • Fill your skills gap
  • Enable your business to develop specialist skills
  • Be motivated, flexable and committed (he or she will want to work for you)
  • Enable your business to be more competitive
  • Apprentices will help you to maintain and develop a highly skilled workforce.