GroundWorks Level 2

GroundWorks Level 2

The Level 2 Diploma in Groundworks is designed to develop the skills and knowledge of people, enabling them to work in the industry in their chosen craft. It has been specifically developed for delivery in a training environment using simulated condition and the test(s) are based on the learner showing what they can do as an individual through the completion of all the requirements of the qualifications.

The Qualification comprises:

All of the units of the training must be completed by each learner. ALL outcomes must be achieved during the training programme. (Evidence from site based testing is not permissible).

To gain the diploma, learners must achieve all units, the synoptic practical assignment and multiple choice unit tests. They must also pass the e-volve online test.

Another important feature of the Qualification is that it provides a progression route towards achieving a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ).

Units covered included:

The ground works qualification consists of 6 units.

Core 01 Health, safety and welfare in construction and associated industries.

This covers all aspects of health and safety and is done by all learners.

Core 04 Understanding information, quantities and communication with others.

This covers technical drawings, calculating materials and communicating with staff and the public.

Core 06 Understanding civil engineering technology.

This covers basic aspects of civil engineering regarding setting out, foundations and different types of construction methods.

Occ 85 Establish work area protection and safety-general construction

This covers essential site safety including fencing and barriers and lighting.

Occ86 Lay domestic drainage

This covers laying drainage systems also working out the correct gradients required for different systems

Occ 87 Place and finish non-specialist concrete

This covers basic concreting for foundations, pathways and floor construction incorporating edgings and formwork.

Added to the qualification will be block paving and slabbing.

Entry requirements:

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification. However, you must ensure that you have the potential and opportunity to successfully gain the qualification.

Price:    Please enquire.  Funding may be available.  16 – 18 years and 19+ unemployed. COURSES AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR

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